A Datta Brothers Film

Tuning 2 You – Lost Musicians of India – Official Trailer 1

This is the teaser for a Bagri Foundation initiative in partnership with the charity Soumik Datta Arts (SDA) entitled Tuning 2 You. The film is created by the Datta brothers in association with the Bagri Foundation. ‪

We are delighted to support the project which films unexplored musical collaborations between rare musicians in India. View the second trailer here.

Video credits.


Sir David Green

Executive Producer.

Weaves Studio Centre for the Arts

Associate Producer.

Jahanara Rabia Raza In association with Cinewacky

Principle Distributor.

Stormglass Productions

Conceived by.

Soumik Datta

Director of Photography.

Souvid Datta

Associate Cinematographer.

Ubhadip Sarkar


Sukanta Majumdar


Subhajit Prasad

Directed by.

Datta Brothers