Illuminating India Season at the Science Museum Talvin Singh's live musical response to the exhibition 'Illuminating India: Photography 1857 –2017' © Science Museum GroupIndia in Space: Moumita Dutta Project Manager for the Indian Space Research Organisation’s famed Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter mission & Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, Space Scientist © Science Museum GroupNrityagram Dance Ensemble: performing Sriyah © Science Museum GroupRama Combing His Hair, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2015, from the series A Myth of Two Souls (2013 –) by Vasantha Yogananthan © Vasantha YogananthanImage 11 from the Sweet Life Series by Sohrab Hura © Sohrab HuraClose-up of folio 16v from the Bakhshali manuscript 224-383 CE © Bodleian Libraries University of OxfordBioscope © Science Museum Group My Valinat Queen Tuk Tuk by Chila Kumari Burman © Science Museum GroupMokshapat: Snakes and ladders originated in Ancient India by Chila Kumari Burman © Chila Kumari Burman

Stellar Illuminating India Season | Press

Illuminating India Season at the Science Museum was one of the highlights of UK/India Year of Culture and the Bagri Foundation was proud to support the Museum’s interactive and interdisciplinary event programme. Composed of performances, talks and screenings, the programme was designed to present an international perspective on the remarkable contributions of the Indian subcontinent to global science and culture through inspirational experiences.


Illuminating India event programme


Illuminating India- Talvin Singh, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan
23 March 2018, Ken Hunt


“Very, very occasionally an evening comes along with enough energy to break through terra firma’s gravitational pull. Illuminating India did. […] Thanks to the Bagri Foundation, I have never experienced the like and probably never shall again. What a Night in a Museum!”


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Eastern Eye
Woman power in India’s ISRO Space Race
20 December 2017, Laura Codling


“A leading female scientist (Moumita Dutta) at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has said working to solve the everyday problems of the people of her country is what drives her.”


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Asian Culture Vulture
Nrityagram – Odissi style comes to Science Museum, embodiment of Protima Bedi (former model and late wife of Bollywood star) vision
24 November 2017, Suman Bhuchar


“Unique and captivating.”


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Illuminating India: Photography 1857 –2017
Curator: Shasti Lowton; Consulting curator:  Rahaab Allana


An ambitious and unprecedented survey of the technological and artistic development of the medium in India, from the beginnings of photography in India in the mid-19th century to the present day. The exhibition examine photography’s changing role in charting the recent history of India displaying side by side works of eminent international practitioners:  Ahmad Ali Khan, Samuel Bourne, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Margaret Bourke White, Shapoor N Bhedwar, Pannalal Parasram Gaur, Lucien Hervé, Felice Beato, Olivia Arthur, Sohrab Hura, Mitch Epstein, Werner Bischof, Homai Vyarawalla, Vasantha Yogananthan etc.


Apollo, The International Art Magazine
Tracing India’s modern history through photography
14 February 2018, Mary Pelletier


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Scientific Temper
05 February 2018, Priya Khanchandani


“Although science might be a forte when it comes to the history of the Subcontinent, the photography exhibition is surprisingly the one that does it justice at every level, from the monochrome vulnerabilities of Partition to the multicolour candour of urban life today.”


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The Telegraph
The week’s most beautiful, inspiring photography
16 January 2018


“This Photograph (Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India 1981) was taken […] during what Epstein describes as his ‘transition from outsider to Indian Family member’ and as he began to see his adoptive country with new eyes.”


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Sunday Guardian Live
India through images at a show with many visual, emotional highs
4 November 2017, Antinia Filmer


“The exhibition is a visual and emotional roller coaster, not to be missed.”


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The Science Museum celebrates India’s scientific and cultural fabric with two illuminating shows
12 October 2017, Charlotte Jansen


“It’s also an unprecedented insight into the development of modern India through the eyes of soldiers, journalists, artists and explorers who have lived in and travelled the country over the last century and documented its people, architecture and nature on camera.”


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British Journal of Photography
Illuminating India shows off contemporary and archive photography at the Science Museum
06 October 2017, Eoin Murray


“This huge exhibition highlights the history of the medium and the country.”


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Illuminating India: 5000 Years of Science and Innovation
Curator: Matt Kimberley


A celebration of India’s fundamental role in the development of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine space exploration, communication and engineering. Objects on display ranged from the earliest standardised weights originating from the Indus Valley Civilisation in 3000–2500 BCE to India today’s flourishing space programme with as centrepiece a folio from the Bakhshali Manuscript thought to show the earliest zero symbol (3rd/4th century).


New Scientist
Illuminating India: The genius of making a little go a long way
10 October 2017, Simon Ings


“A new exhibition at London’s Science Museum leaves visitors thinking that technology may be making the world a better place after all.”

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Design Week
Illuminating India: the exhibition looking at 5,000 years of Indian innovation
05 October 2017, Aimée McLaughlin


“The highlight of the series is undoubtedly the Illuminating India exhibition.”


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The Times
The Silk Road to Silicon Valley — 5,000 years of Indian innovation
03 October 2017, Olivier Moody


“A show at the Science Museum unwraps five millennia of technological breakthrough.”


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For more info, listen to BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking  & BBC World Service Discovery.

India Illuminated!


At the invitation of the Science Museum, Artist Chila Kumari Burman created 27 artworks responding to the theme of Illuminating India. Her work challenges stereotypical assumptions of South Asia and problematizes simplistic representations of identity and gender.


The Hindu
Art and activism co-exist in Chila Burman’s works
08 March 2018, Vidya Ram


“A flavour of Chila Burman’s work can currently be seen at the Science Museum in central London […].As easy on the eye as it may be to look at, Burman’s work is almost always imbued with a social and political message.”


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The Artling
Illuminating India: Chila Kumari Burman at the Science Museum, London
10 January 2018, Laura Phelps


“Nothing on display here is as simple as it appears. Everything holds a mirror to something else. […] She (Chila Kumari Burman) is able, through her shimmering patchwork of sequins and slogans, to foreground several pertinent dichotomies – art/science; home/abroad; personal/political; perception/reality – without ever becoming didactic.”


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