Small Talk Video Series


The Bagri Foundation is pleased to present a new series of online videos called Small Talk. This captivating  series will feature conversations between fascinating people from across various disciplines including music, cinema, art, anthropology, politics and philosophy. Each month, our guests choose a theme which is close to their heart for an engaging discussion.


Our first Small Talk looked at the art of documentary film with professional photographer Benjamin Dix and film writer and director Richie Mehta. View it here:


In 2012 Dix founded ‘PositiveNegatives’ to use multimedia and traditional forms of art to represent global conflict, humanitarian and migration issues to a wide and diverse audience. For more information visit:


Mehta’s latest project India in a Day, is a Google-produced crowd-sourced documentary tracking a day in the life of India, and executive produced by Ridley Scott. The film will be shown tomorrow at Bertha DocHouse, 6:30pm. Book here