Small Talk 2 | In Conversation with Dr Max Carocci & Dr Jessica Frazier

Episode two of our online video series: Small Talk. This captivating series features conversations between fascinating people from across various disciplines including music, cinema, art, anthropology, politics and philosophy. Each month, our guests choose a theme which is close to their heart.


In our second Small Talk, Dr Max Carocci and Dr Jessica Frazier challenge our approach and perception of the world. Discussing Indian and Native North American cultures, they investigate different systems of representation, the concepts of reality and hidden reality, our relationship to the divine and transformations in body and mind.


Dr Max Carocci

Dr Carocci is Adjunct Lecturer for the Curating and Collections MA at Chelsea College of Arts, University of Arts, London. Former British Museum curator and director of Birkbeck’s World Arts programme, Dr Carocci is an anthropologist specialising in the art and cultures of Native North American peoples. His work mainly focuses on how indigenous North American material and visual expressions articulate ideas of the person and the sacred. He is the author of Warriors of the Plains: the Arts of Plains Indian Warfare (McGill University Press, 2012).


Dr Jessica Frazier

Dr Frazier is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Kent and a Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Having studied Sanskrit, Hindu culture and continental philosophy at Cambridge and Oxford, Dr Frazier’s work focuses on philosophies and arts, focusing on ontology, aesthetics, and India’s diverse notions of the self and the divine. She is also founding editor of the Journal of Hindu Studies, published by Oxford University Press. Her publications include the forthcoming Hindu Worldviews: Theories of Self, Ritual and Divinity (Bloomsbury). She is a frequent contributor to BBC programmes in the areas of religion and Asian thought.