The Music Room Episode 6 | Tihai

In anticipation of the world premiere of Ravi Shankar’s only opera Sukanya, the Bagri Foundation presents the sixth episode of The Music Room, a short online film series, exploring dialogues between classical Indian and Western music with the opera’s conductor David Murphy.


The sixth episode explores Tihai a technique in Indian Classical Music. Tihai literally means “3 times” and a tihai is a “rhythmic cadence” meaning that it is a rhythmic pattern repeated three times. It marks the end of a section of music and simultaneously creates a transition into the next and is also typically used to conclude a performance. David explains the concept, drawing on notions explored in earlier episodes of the series, such as the 16 beat cycle Teen Taal addressed in episode three and konnakol, the rhythmic language of Indian Classical Music covered in episode five. The wonderful tabla player Raj Kumar Misra then demonstrates Tihai.

This video is by Box Clever Limited.