The Music Room Episode 4 | Raga Part 2

The Bagri Foundation presents the fourth episode of The Music Room: When East Meets West. In anticipation of the UK premiere of Ravi Shankar’s only opera Sukanya, this online series, explores dialogues between classical Indian and Western music.


In Raga Part 1, the opera’s conductor David Murphy introduced us to the Indian classical music concept of raga. David also explored harmony and scale and how these notions differ and connect in Indian and Western Classical music. In part 2 David introduces Sargam – a method of defining the notes of a raga through spoken syllables.


David shows how Sargam can be used to notate a western melody made famous by Mozart – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. ‘Sargam’ is further demonstrated through an exciting glimpse of Sukanya through a rehearsal. This excerpt is the Raga Yaman Kalyan.


We are then introduced to the concept of meend, the sliding and gliding between notes that is the expressive heart of Indian music. This is demonstrated with Raga Kafi played by Sitarist Sanjay Guha.


This video is by Box Clever Limited.