The Music Room Episode 2 | Raga Part 1

Check out the second episode of our series, The Music Room: When East Meets West. To tie in with the world premiere of Ravi Shankar’s only opera Sukanya in May 2017, our ten-part mini-series will explore the dialogue between Classical Indian and Western music with the opera’s composer David Murphy.


In this second film, we introduce raga, a concept in the Indian Classical music tradition similar to the melodic mode. David Murphy explores harmony and scale and how these notions differ and connect in Indian and Western Classical music. Using the Western violin, David shows how both ragas and western scales select notes from the harmonic series to create different atmospheres. This video also demonstrates Raga Hamsadhwani, ‘Raga of the Swan’ played on Indian violin by carnatic violinist Balu Raguraman.


This is video by Box Clever Media.