The Music Room | When East Meets West Episode 1

In the lead up to the World Premiere of Ravi Shankar’s only opera ‘Sukanya’ in May 2017, we’re thrilled to present an online ten-part mini-series, exploring the dialogue between Classical Indian and Western music! ‘The Music Room’ will take the viewer on a journey through these traditions, examining how they connect on a deep level. David Murphy, the opera’s conductor and long-time collaborator with Ravi Shankar will present the series.


The first film introduces the concepts of Classical Indian and Western music and their on-going connection, for example did you know that the composer Beethoven was aware of some of the key notions of Indian music and philosophy? He was particularly fascinated by the concept of Nada Brahma – the power of sound and the ultimate interconnectedness of all creation, which is explained by Dr M.N. Nandakumara, the Executive Director of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in our first Music Room.


The Bagri Foundation is delighted to support Ravi Shankar’s Sukanya, a truly groundbreaking piece, which will explore the common ground between the music, dance and theatrical traditions of India and of the West. For more information and to book your tickets visit: