Shabana Azmi Shabana Azmi with Dr Alka Bagri. Photo credit: Vipul SangoiShabana Azmi and Sangeeta Datta

London under the spell of Shabana Azmi | Press

To mark International Women’s Day, the Bagri Foundation and Baithak UK were delighted to present on the 12 March 2017, the UK premiere of the play Broken Images featuring veteran thespian and social activist Shabana Azmi. The audience was transfixed by Shabana Azmi, who alone on stage embarked on an introspective journey as she confided, argued and wrestled with her own image captured on a TV screen. The performance was a real tour de force, not only in the subtle portrayal of a vast range of conflicting emotions but also technical, as the actor played against a recorded act.

The Bagri Foundation is delighted to collaborate with Baithak UK, who share our passion of promoting the richness of the arts of South Asia, in presenting the UK premiere of Broken Images with Shabana Azmi. Theatre plays a vital role in enabling us to understand the human psyche as it turns a mirror onto ourselves, and to offer social commentary. The stage is a platform for creativity and self-expression as well as a revelator.”
Dr Alka Bagri, Bagri Foundation


We are proud to support Broken Images to advocate female empowerment in this solo female performance and raise awareness of issues of identity and language politics. We are excited to showcase the talent of Shabana Azmi, the powerful writing of Girish Karnad and direction of Alyque Padamsee and production by Rael Padamsee of ACE Productions.
Sangeeta Datta, Baithak UK

Here is a selection of coverage the play received

Asian Voice
‘Broken Images’ is one of my most technically challenging performances: Shabana Azmi
13th March 2017 by Charusmita, Shabana


‘For all theatre-lovers who believe that art is meant to provoke, think, and give meaning to life, the play Broken Images is a treat. The complexity of human psyche is embodied in the two characters that Azmi plays. According to the actress, “we are flawed in some way, and that’s what makes us human”.’

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Asian Lite
Shabana Azmi’s ‘Broken Images’ In London
17 March 2017


‘Azmi was masterful as she captured the intense conflict that brews inside Majula […] Her performance brought the near-1000 strong audience at Logan Hall to their feet for a series of resounding ovations’.

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The Tribune
Don’t box all Muslims as one: Shabana Azmi
14 March 2017


‘”If you ask me who I am, I will say I’m a woman, an Indian, a daughter, wife, actress, Muslim, activist etc – my being Muslim is only one of the aspects of who I am but all over the world it seems as though a concerted effort is being made to compress identity into the narrow confines of the religion I happen to have been born into at the exclusion of all other aspects of my identity,” she [Shabana Azmi] added.’

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UK Asian
Shabana Azmi’s ‘Broken Images’ arrives in London in time for International Women’s Day
3 March 2017


‘Broken Images’ has played to critical acclaim in India and the United States and is arriving in London on 12 March. It’s appropriate that Azmi – a National Award-winning veteran of stage and screen who’s enjoyed a glittering 40-year career in India and beyond – is in London during the week of International Women’s Day given her lifelong commitment to fighting for gender equality and social justice in India’.

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Broken Images: Shabana Azmi’s one-woman show grapples with identity
18 February 2017


‘Ultimately the audience must ask who is the woman in the video, what does she represent, and what role does today’s relentlessly ubiquitous electronic media play in our quest to know, define and present ourselves?’

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