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Fretless Nomad | Press

British Indian musician Soumik Datta led this genre-breaking performance on 22 June 2014, 7pm at The Royal Court Theatre. The event chartered the musical history of the 19-stringed fretless lute known as the Sarod. Special guests included the chart topping singer-songwriter Fiona Beva.

The press coverage for the event included:

Asian Culture Vulture

Soumik Datta ‘Fretless Nomad’ – Time is but a Concept

24 June 2014


‘Introduced by Sir David Green, chairman of Soumik Datta Arts and sponsored by the Bagri Foundation with the very personal input of Alka Bagri (see preview), it was a memorable and rather special night.’

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Fretless Nomad: A Musical Journey With Soumik Datta and Fiona Bevan
20 June 2014


Alka Bagri –

“I want to work with artists who are based here and who can bridge the East-West gap, it’s very important to me. I have children who grew up here and I love the classical tradition but I want to work with artists who have successfully bridged the gap and are breaking the shackles.”

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Global Arts Link

Soumik Datta in Fretless Nomad at the Royal Court in London June 22 2014


‘Hot on the heels of his sell-out concert with Circle of Sound collaborator Bernhard Schimpelsberger at the Southbank Alchemy Festival, Soumik Datta invites you to join him on a nomadic musical adventure with his sarod, from ancient Afghanistan to our electric here and now.’

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