Standing ovation for Back to the BluesSoumik Datta and Aruna Sairam. © Sridhar Konda, Kondas Photography

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The Hindu

Sarod for the New Age

5 April 2018, Kunal Ray


“In 2017, I was commissioned by the Bagri Foundation to compose pieces that weave together Carnatic , Hindustani and contemporary jazz. At the heart of this project titled ‘Back to the Blues’ was the celebrated Aruna Sairam.”


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The Hindu

A seamless blend of Carnatic, Hindustani and contemporary jazz music

27 March 2018, Allan Moses Rodricks


“Aruna brings the pallavis (thematic lines in Carnatic music), backed by counter melodies between the sarod and piano, key changes, dynamic shifts and powerful rhythmic encounters between the morsing and the bodhrán (Irish frame drum) blended with traces of compositions by Tyagarajah and composers I admire such as Ligeti and Phillip Glass.”


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Pulse Connects

Back to the Blues | Review

23 March 2018, Ken Hunt


“Back To The Blues is a work of rare imagination deserving to be taken to new places. Doff caps to the Bagri Foundation for having the philanthropic vision to make this suite of music happen.”


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Deccan Herald

Sarod is his inner voice

18 March 2018, Deepa Natarajan Lobo


[Soumik Datta]: “Aruna Sairam is an exemplary artiste. To conquer the distance between Chennai and London, we shared ideas on Skype through which she opened the doors of Carnatic music for me.”


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Music Aloud

16 March 2018, Vipin Nair


”One short hamsanaadham based jam between Sairam, Datta and Pirashanna was followed by a brilliant blues take on Subrahmanyena Rakshithoham.”

Jameela Siddiqi, Award-winning novelist, broadcaster and lecturer and critic on Indian classical music :

16 March 2018


“The most amazing evening, which took us to places we hadn’t been before”.