Soumik Datta and Aruna Sairam outside BBC broadcasting houseBBC Radio 3: In Tune, Photo Courtesy: Jack ThomasonAruna Sairam & Soumik Datta on Athavan TVBBC Asian Network, Ashanti Omkar and Soumik DattaAruna Sairam. ©Aruna SairamSoumik Datta © Rehmat RayattAruna Sairam: © D. Kalaiarasan Photography. Soumik Datta: ©Rehmat Rayatt

Back to the Blues Pre event | Press

In the lead up to “Back to the Blues”, a concert of Indian music and contemporary jazz presented by the Bagri Foundation in association with Soumik Datta Arts, (15 March 2018, St John’s Smith Square), anticipation and excitement was brewing in the press…

India Express

Portrait of an Artiste

15 March 2018, Suanshu Khurana


“Only when you try is when you”ll know what comes out of it,” says 65-year-old Sairam in a Skype conversation. She was approached by Alka Bagri, director of the London-based Bagri Foundation, to present this collaborative work.”


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BBC Radio 3: In Tune

Linos Piano Trio, Thomas Sondergard, Aruna Sairam, Soumik Datta

14 March 2018, Sean Rafferty


Aruna Sairam and Soumik Datta perform live in the studio before they appear at St John’s Smith Square.


Listen here.

Athavan TV

Back to the Blues Teaser

13 March 2018


A taster ahead of the concert with music and interviews by Aruna Sairam and Soumik Datta.


Watch the full video here.

Songlines Magazine 

March – April 2018

13 March 2018


Back to the Blues featured in the global magazine’s top 5 picks of March and April.

BBC Asian Network

British Sarod Master Soumik Datta Talks us Through his Musical Journey and How it All Began

11 March 2018, Ashanti Omkar


“Well the funny thing is that sarod wasn’t my beginning – I grew up in Mumbai and as a kid I wasn’t into Indian classical music at all… and it was only when I moved here and I realised that I needed something to connect me back to my roots, and it was by divine providence that I discovered – found, by accident, my grandfather’s sarod. And that’s how the journey began…”


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Asian Culture Vulture

‘Back to the Blues’ Indian Carnatic Legend Aruna Sairam to Sing Concert with Soumik Datta and Explore Indian Classical and Jazz…

10 March 2018, Sailesh Ram


“[Aruna Sairam]: “I am sure we will come up with something that has character, in spite of us having so many differences… Carnatic music is a very lively sort of music, it is not an ascetic introverted form – it may have that quality in certain sections – but the basic movement of the music is very much outward. What I want to get across to an audience (in the West) is that they are part of the performance – the audience becomes part of it. Carnatic music is a celebration of the here and now of life, and at this moment…”


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Indulge, The New Indian Express

Two’s Company

Aruna Sairam Teams Up with Soumik Datta to Present a Different Take on Carnatic Music

9 March 2018


“Carnatic legnend will perform in London next week along with sarod maestro Soumik Datta in a concert called Back to the Blues. Organised by London based arts company, the Bagri Foundation, the event will also feature other international musicians like London based percussionist Pirashanna Thevarajah (kanjira and mridangam), Irish percussionist Cormac Byrne (bodhran) and British pianist Al MacSween.”

Midday Mumbai 

Sarod Genius Soumik Datta Talks About How Music Can Unite Us

4 March 2018, Aastha Atray Banan


“The performance, presented by the Bagri Foundation, explores the commonalities between Hindustani classical music and contemporary jazz.”


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Música Macondo

Concert Preview// Back to the Blues: Fresh Indian Forms

3 March 2018, George Howlett


[Soumik] discusses how the blues and Hindustani classical are awash with long sustained melodies, and how he can rearticulate the vocabulary of blues guitar by sliding around the sarod’s metal fretboard. He sees pentatonic scales as a universal bridge, pointing out that they also underpin Chinese and Japanese classical music. Aruna is relishing the chance to fuse disparate folk tunes, and find shared spaces for “deep, melancholic melodic exploration”.


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Radio and Music

Legendary Carnatic Singer Aruna Sairam and Sarod Virtuoso Soumik Datta to Collaborate

14 February 2018, By RnMTeam


“Back to the Blues, hosted by the Bagri Foundation, is a concert where I would be able to explore the improvisational aspect with the colours of jazz and North Indian music in collaboration with Soumik Datta, as well as present the compositions inherent to the music, making it accessible to audiences beyond regional and cultural contexts.”


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Resonance FM

Six Pillars with Peyvand Khorsandi

7 February 2018, Fari Bradley


Two tickets for our concert Back to the Blues were donated to Resonance FM’s fundraising on-air auction; this show includes excerpts of tracks by Aruna Sairam and Soumik Datta.


Listen to the show here.