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Understanding Hinduism

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The Bagri Foundation is delighted to present a series of lectures: Understanding Hinduism, with six renowned scholars.

8-10: What is Hinduism? Let Me Count the Ways:
By Dr Arvind Sharma

This lecture explores the obsession of defining Hinduism today. View the video of the lecture here.

15-10: The Sacred and The Sensuous: Understanding Hindu Art
Dr Vidya Dehejia

This lecture examines the apparent paradox of the intermingling of sacred and sensuous in the arts of India.

22-10: Hinduism and Politics: Identity, Nationalism and Democracy
By Dr Sudipta Kaviraj

This lecture discusses how Hinduism has responded to the forces of modernity.

29-10: Temple Hinduism Today: Modernity and Traditionalism in a South Indian Temple
By Professor Chris Fuller

This lecture looks at the priests of the famous Minakshi temple in Madurai against the background of rapid political and economic change.

05-10: Feminine Power in Hindu Tantra: Symbol and Imagery in Goddess Traditions
By Dr Madhu Khanna

This lecture examines the divine feminine in India from her pre-textual representations to her ultimate triumph in the Tantras.

12-11: Gods, Humans and Animals in the Ramyana: Divine and Bestial Shadows of Emotions
By Wendy Doniger

This talk looks at the importance of the epic in Indian culture and the central human characters of the Valmiki Ramayana who are all born to be paradigms.

Arvind Sharma – Professor of Comparative Religion, Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.


Dr Vidya Deliejia - Barbara Stoler Miller Professor of Indian Art, Columbia University, New York.


Dr Sudipta Kaviraj - Department of Political Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)


Professor Chris Fuller - Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science


Dr Madhu Khanna - Associate Professor, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts New Delhi.


Wendy Doniger - Professor of the History of Religions, University of Chicago Divinity School.

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