Un Momento de Percussion

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Pandit Dinesh

Un Momento de Percussion features the renowned British–Asian artist Pandit Dinesh. Alongside insights from his own musical journey through the world of percussion music, the show is a tour-de-force of rhythm and melodies, with Dinesh and a fiery ensemble of artists painting a vibrant canvas of emotion and sound that touches the soul.

Sharing the stage with Pandit Dinesh is: Kishon Khan, Oresta Noda, Justin Thurgur, Javier Camilo and Jimmy Martinez.

Guest vocalists are Navin Kundra and Jatanil Banerjee.

Pandit Dinesh

With a career spanning four decades and rooted in one of India’s foremost classical music families, Dinesh has worked with some of the most legendary names in Western and Asian music. This amalgamation of cultures has enabled him to compose and produce some truly unique forms of World music, bringing his own flair, mastery and rhythm to countless collaborations.



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