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Spring in the Season of Love

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19:00- 20:30


Meeta Pandit and Vayu Naidu

We’re delighted to present a special commission in association with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. In this performance, Love is celebrated through its many stages of union, separation, quarrels, and reconciliation with unmitigated passion. This is a unique concert which weaves the theme of Love through a vibrant collection of Indian Miniatures, with the mesmerising singing of Meeta Pandit’s selection of Hindustani lyrics, and Dr Vayu Naidu’s enthralling storytelling inspired by Indic folk and epic literatures. Their voices are carried by powerful music from Sanju Sahai on tabla, Rekesh Chauhan on harmonium and Mitel Purohit on dholak, Darshana Vora and Dipti Vyas on tanpura.


Please check out the video trailer of the performance here

View the photos from the performance here

Meeta Pandit and Vayu Naidu

Meeta Pandit is an acclaimed Hindustani Classical vocalist who belongs to the Gwalior Gharana. Granddaughter and disciple of Pt Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit, and daughter of Laxman Krishnarao Pandit, she is the sixth in the unbroken lineage and the first woman in the family to have taken up music as a profession. Her voice, both melodious and robust, whose vocal range stretches over three octaves, and her beautiful raga handling have won her critical acclaim and awards.


Dr Vayu Naidu is a performer, storyteller, playwright and novelist. Her PhD completed in 1994 at the School of English, Leeds University explored Indic oral traditions in contemporary western theatre and their resonances. Her special interest is in transposition of cultural sensibilities. Vayu brings to life epics and myths from world literatures through innovative performances combining different art forms; storytelling, theatre, music, dance, and visual arts.



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