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Prisms of Love: Sufi Tales Through Storytelling

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19:00- 20:30


Dr Vayu Naidu

The Bagri Foundation presents an exclusive commission, Prisms of Love: Sufi Tales Through Storytelling, in partnership with the British Library, which brings a sixteenth century Indian Sufi romance to life on stage.

This captivating performance is inspired by Muhammad Malik Jayasi’s Padmavat a love story weaving folk legend with courtly intrigue and offering a wonderful glimpse into the world of Sufi mysticism.

This event draws on scholarly insights from Professor Francesca Orsini and is created, directed and performed by Dr Vayu Naidu. Dr Naidu’s imaginative storytelling is accompanied by new compositions from Melinda Maxwell of the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group on oboe and Sarvar Sabri on tabla and pakhawaj as well as Kathak dance by Sonia Sabri. Beautiful paintings from the seventeenth and nineteenth century manuscripts of Gorakhpur and Mirzapur held in the British Library’s collections are displayed for the very first time.

View the video of the performance here and photos from the event here.

Dr Vayu Naidu

Dr Naidu is a performer, storyteller, playwright and novelist. Her PhD completed in 1994 at the School of English, Leeds University explored Indic oral traditions in contemporary western theatre and their resonances. Her special interest is in transposition of cultural sensibilities. Vayu brings to life epics and myths from world literature through innovative performances combining different art forms; storytelling, theatre, music, dance, and visual arts.

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