Leadership and Teamwork in a Changing World

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David Murphy

A Workshop with Conductor David Murphy and Musicians from Sinfonia Verdi

The workshop ‘Leadership and Teamwork in a Changing World’ is designed to enable people to experience leadership and teamwork issues in their most primal form – without words.

Leaders in the business world, like conductors in the world of music, range in ability from great, to mediocre, to worse than useless. The principles of leading are demonstrably the same for both worlds. Why use music for this? It creates a new context. People are taken out of their familiar environment and approach leadership and teamwork without preconceptions. Their learning is both rapid and enjoyable as they gain an insight into the emotional intelligence needed for effective leadership in the modern world.

During the presentation with orchestra, participants experience a brief performance and discuss parallels initially observable between the orchestral and business performance. They are invited to sit within the orchestra to observe the flow of information from musician to musician, and the role the conductor has in this process. Finally they are given a practical experience of the role of every team member within the orchestra.

Like an orchestra, the effectiveness of any organisation’s internal and external communication largely determines its success. Music is communication in a primal form. I use music to enable participants to explore communication without being burdened by words.
~ David Murphy

David Murphy

Hailed as “one of the most exciting and original artists of his generation” conductor and musical pioneer David Murphy has garnered an international reputation for his cutting edge musicianship and the breadth and depth of his artistry. Murphy’s pioneering musicianship has resulted in many landmark world premiere performances, and an approach to the Western Classical tradition that bristles with excitement, imagination and creativity.

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