Image: Parvati, North East India, 12th century AD, the British Museum, London.

Meeting the Gazes of the Hindu Gods & Goddesses

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Dr Doria Tichit

The second tour of the series at the British Museum is dedicated to Hindu Art. It looks at Hinduism, its key concepts and its complex mythology. Whilst the Hindu pantheon is composed of a myriad of gods and goddesses, the three principal cult deities are Vishnu, Shiva and The Great Goddess; each being worshipped as the highest principle by their devotees. The tour explores the main forms of the most revered Hindu deities through the examination of South Asian sculptures from the seventh to the thirteen centuries; style and iconography are commented on.

The Bagri Foundation 2015 Museum Gallery Tour series aims to introduce audiences to the artistic heritage of India.

The tours are free and open to all.

Dr Doria Tichit

Dr Tichit is an art historian specialising in the art and architecture of South Asia. She studied Archaeology and Art at the University Paris IV Sorbonne and holds a PhD from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. She regularly lectures on South Asian Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, Victoria & Albert Museum, Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Birkbeck College, London.

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