Palette with scene of 'Apollo and Daphne, 1st century BC? Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art

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The first workshop of the Gandhara Connections Project by the University of Oxford’s Classical Art Research Centre (CARC) and supported by the Bagri Foundation and the Neil Kreitman Foundation will examine chronology in Gandharan Art. The Gandhara Connections project is a three-year initiative by the CARC to support the study of the artistic production from the ancient region of Gandhara (an area roughly corresponding to northern Pakistan). It aims to stimulate new insights into Gandharan art and its links to the classical world of Greece and Rome, thousands of kilometres to the west.

Gandhara Connections identifies chronology and dating as one of the key problems outstanding in the study of Gandharan art. Chronology is not only fundamental for establishing the nature of Gandharan art’s connections with the traditions of Greece and Rome, but also for any other systematic attempt to put it in context or explain its development.

The aim of this first international workshop is to facilitate an exchange of ideas and information. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in an open access, online book and with the aim of offering a recording of the event online. Attendance is free, but please book a place by contacting

See the programme here: Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art  Please check: for updates

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