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Devi: The Goddess and the Modern Indian Woman

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Katrina Hazell, Curator and Producer

The series of lectures examines the Indian goddess from the representation of the female in art of ancient India, and representations in fiction and film of contemporary Indian woman. Each evening of lectures begins with storytelling by renowned storyteller Dr Vayu Naidu.

06-10: The Indian Goddess: Sacred and Seductive 
By Partha Mitter and Parul Dave-Mukherji

Mitter examines the presentation of feminine beauty in ancient Indian art through a range of female forms from diverse parts of India while Dave-Mukherji journeys from high art to popular imagery.

13-10: Sex, Death and the Goddess 
By Lakshmi Holmström and Beeban Kidron

Holmström addresses the representation of women and goddesses in modern Indian Tamil fiction. Kidron discusses her BBC Four film Sex, Death and the Gods.

20-10: Warrior Women and Androgynous Goddesses 
By Rosie Thomas and Patricia Uberoi

Thomas explores gender ambivalence and nationalist politics in the films of the Indian actress Nadia. Uberoi addresses the intersection of sacred and secular feminine iconography in calendar art.

31-10: Domestic Goddess: Private to Public
By Madhu Kishwar and Dr Mukulika Banerjee

Kishwar addresses a goddess who took avatar in a Delhi hawker market and helped Manushi’s campaign to protect street hawkers from human rights abuses. Banerjee presents intimate portraits of women in contemporary India and their relationship to the sari.

Katrina Hazell, Curator and Producer

Partha Mitter
Is Emeritus Professor (Art History), University of Sussex and an established scholar of Indian art.


Parul Dave-Mukherji
Professor and Dean of the Department of Visual Studies; School of the Arts and Aesthetics Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi,

Lakshmi Holmström
Founder-Trustee of the South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive (SALIDAA) and a literary critic and translator of Tamil fiction into English.


Beeban Kidron
Film Director, Cross Street Films, Kidron has spent the last thirty years directing feature films, television dramas and documentaries.

Rosie Thomas
Thomas is Director of CREAM (Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media) at University of Westminster, London.


Patricia Uberoi
Leading sociologist and was formerly Professor of Social Change and Development at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi.


Madhu Kishwar
Senior Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi (CSDS) and Founder-Editor of Manushi, a journal about women and society.


Dr Mukulika Banerjee
Reader in Social Anthropology, London School of Economics and co-author of The Sari and The Pathan Unarmed.


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