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'Coin of Kanishka', ca. 130, Pakistan (ancient region of Gandhara), Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ancient Coins and Gandhara with Dr Shailendra Bhandare

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14:00- 15:30


Dr Shailendra Bhandare

Dr Shailendra Bhandare will be conducting a special workshop on ancient coins and Gandhara for the multidisciplinary project:  Gandhara Connections. The workshop is intended to offer a hands-on introduction to Kushan coinage and other coin traditions important for understanding the art and history of Gandhara.

The Gandhara Connections project is a three-year initiative by the University of Oxford’s Classical Art Research Centre (CARC), supported by the Bagri Foundation and the Neil Kreitman Foundation, to aid the study of the artistic production from the ancient region of Gandhara (an area roughly corresponding to northern Pakistan). It aims to stimulate new insights into Gandharan art and its links to the classical world of Greece and Rome, thousands of kilometres to the west.

A video of the event is now available on Gandhara Connection’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/GandharaConnections

Dr Shailendra Bhandare

Dr Shailendra Bhandare is Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum and a Member of Faculty of Oriental Studies and a Fellow of St Cross College at the University of Oxford. His area of expertise covers a wide range of subjects and themes pertaining to Indian Numismatics and monetary history. His research involves providing a wide range of historical contexts to coins from the Indian subcontinent covering two millenia. His papers have been featured in several publications, such as ‘Ashoka: Memory and History', (OUP, 2012). He most recently curated an exhibition titled 'Faster, Higher, Stronger: Money and the Olympics' at the Ashmolean Museum.

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