We are dedicated to promoting the arts and culture of Asia, fostering dialogues and providing platforms for creativity to blossom.

Bagri Foundation

Back to the Blues with Aruna Sairam and Soumik Datta, 15 March ©Rehmat Rayatt

Squared Kufic Script © The Prince's School of Traditional Arts

Illuminating India Events Programme in Partnership with the Science Museum © Nan Melville

South Asian Block Printing at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts

The Geography of Gandharan Art

22 March (10:15am – 5:30pm) - 23 March 2018 (9:30am – 5:45pm), the University of Oxford

This international workshop aims to reveal something of the inner working of art production in the greater Gandharan region in particular the Gandharan heartland of the Peshawar Basin. The workshop is part of Gandhara Connections, a Bagri Foundation supported project.


The Bagri Foundation, a UK registered charity, was established in 1990. It was set up to provide philanthropic assistance through education, relief-work, the advancement of health and the preservation of Asia’s cultural heritage.


We are proud to forge partnerships with a number of established organisations. These include: Asia House, London Indian Film Festival, Soumik Datta Arts, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, The Royal Opera House, University of Oxford's Classical Art Research Centre, Shubbak and the Science Museum.